Thank you! (And, you have more supporters than you think.)

Last week, when I announced this new venture, I knew friends would wish me well, but expected things to be mostly quiet for a while. Instead, I was bombarded with colleagues and contacts not only offering congratulations, but also expressing interest in Ninth Fourth, Customer Experience, and what I could help them with. To be perfectly honest, it was all a little overwhelming – you always prepare for a good response, but this was well beyond what I had hoped for and it has kept me quite busy. Of course, that is a very good problem to have!

Prior to the official launch, I spent several weeks working out lots of details. At every step along the way, people have stepped up to offer advice, opinions, networking, and moral support. It has been truly heartwarming to learn just how much support I have, and how many people are cheering for me. And it’s a good lesson: you probably have more supporters than you think.

So, I am using this inaugural blog post to thank all my friends, family, colleagues past and present, and LinkedIn contacts – a large and growing network around the world – who have made this early success possible and who are making me a very busy person. I see you, and I am humbled by your support and encouragement.

Now that I’m over that initial deluge, I’m working on some more good stuff to come soon. Let’s keep in touch – connect with me on LinkedIn, or shoot me a message!

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