Featured in Boye & Co.: Building A Content Contributor Community

When you have a lot of content contributors – people creating content and adding that content to digital channels – you need a way to keep them all on the same (metaphorical) page. When they’re all in different departments and different countries, with different skill levels, working on separate but interconnected sites, in multiple languages, things can devolve into chaos pretty quickly. Laura Stringer shares a how-to guide to building a community among your editors.

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Don’t “just put it online”!

More and more corporate leaders are moving their business processes and customer touchpoints to digital. On the whole, that’s great: digital experiences are what customers expect, and after an initial investment, they tend to be more efficient and less costly than traditional processes. However, leaders need to consider the customer journey when moving things online. When moving processes, purchase events, or other customer touchpoints into a digital experience, there is a lot of opportunity to make improvements. That opportunity only exists with some diligent thinking. It’s story time I once worked with a company that had physical sales offices. Any […]

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Featured in NJ Tech Weekly: Untangling Features to Improve Customer Experience & Company Growth

Tech companies exist in a competitive, rapidly changing space. Any company with a software offering has to provide the features their customers want, the features their customers don’t yet know they need and the features that will help them “keep up with the Joneses” and thus stay in the game. Over time, without careful planning, those features can pile up and get tangled to the point where they’re causing problems. Instead of making customers happy, they get in the way of usability, customer experience and company growth. To develop software that enables growth, rather than hinders it, companies must address […]

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The Big Picture: 4 Key Focus Areas for Successful Enterprise Website Programs

Some website ecosystems are simple. An editor puts content into a content management system (CMS), publishes to the website, and a visitor comes to look at it. Nice and Neat. Some website ecosystems….. Well, not so much. You have lots of editors from lots of different departments. They don’t coordinate amongst themselves. They’re using an advanced, fussy CMS that carries high development costs. Several smaller sites, one-off landing pages, and translated regional sites complement the flagship site. Each one has a different look and feel. Maybe you have a configurator or store locator. Thousands or millions of visitors, from multiple […]

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The Hertz project sounds painfully familiar.

When I first heard about the Hertz/Accenture project that went horribly awry, it was pretty funny. Who on Earth thought that an eight-figure, 18-month behemoth project, on a complicated and persnickety CMS platform, would be a good idea? Of course it went sideways immediately and stayed that way. What could Hertz have even been expecting for $32 million – was the new website supposed to be made of diamonds? But this story also sounds painfully familiar. I was once tasked with a project in which company leadership brought in a different large technology services firm. We as a client were […]

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Happy Birthday to Ninth Fourth!

A year ago this month, I launched my independent consulting business, bringing over 20 years of experience to help companies make the most of their digital products and initiatives, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. In the last year, I’ve used a larger portion of my skillset and learned more than I did in probably the previous ten years prior. I’ve worked on interesting projects, really helping clients where they needed it most. Getting out of the corporate silos allowed me to add the most value – by looking across all disciplines and integrating […]

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