Would you use a great app if the service is bad?

The other day, a friend posed a question: if you use a great app, but the service behind the app sucks, would you still use the app? It sparked quite a discussion, and I was (maybe a little too) excited to jump in. The truth is you have to have both. You can’t extricate one from the other, because they’re both part of the same customer experience. You can offer the best product or service in the world, and no one will buy from you if they can’t use the app. But – more importantly – you can have the […]

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photo of business people

Customer Experience for B2B? Absolutely.

Customer Experience was long considered a priority solely for B2C companies. There are several reasons for this – not least of which is that the complexity of many B2B buying processes and relationships makes CX look “hard”. So… why is customer experience important for B2B companies? A better question would be, why wouldn’t it be? After all, B2B customers might be businesses, but actual people at those businesses are making the decisions. People are people, whether they’re buying for themselves or on behalf of an organization. So it makes sense to provide those people with the best possible experience. And […]

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CX Renovation

CX Renovation: “MoneySoft”

It can be tricky to understand what specific elements have an impact on customer experience, and how they could be changed. In this CX Renovation series, I’ll recount less-than-ideal experiences (names changed of course) and then explain the updates that could have made them better. Got a horror story you’d like reviewed? Send it my way! The Situation Like most new business owners, I look for ways to save on operational costs. One of those ways is identifying the lowest-cost software solution for various business needs. So when I needed accounting software, I identified two choices. MoneySoft offered a popular […]

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photo of orchestra rehearsal

The Symphony of Customer Experience

I get a lot of questions about why Ninth Fourth is called Ninth Fourth. The name is a reference to the Fourth movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Mostly, I chose the name because I’m the kind of nerd who has a favorite symphonic movement. But a symphony also reflects a core tenet of my customer experience philosophy: that many strong parts must work together. Each musician, individually, is a master at their craft. However, the beauty of an orchestra is the teamwork. Everyone knows how their particular part fits into the whole. And while each musician plays, they are also […]

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Importance of Customer Experience

The Importance of Customer Experience

We all know that customers talk about good experiences. We know they talk about bad experiences even more. (Quite a bit more!) And common sense indicates the importance of customer experience. But if you’re not convinced yet, here are some concrete reasons why you should be investing in customer experience at your organization. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs Acquiring new customers can be an expensive, time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be great if customers simply came to you? If your brand has a reputation for great customer experience, they may! RightNow’s Customer Experience Report found that “55% [of consumers] became a customer […]

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definition of customer experience

Customer Experience Defined

When I tell people what I do for a living, many of them ask, “but what is customer experience?” So here’s a handy and quick definition: Customer Experience, or CX for short, is the sum of all interactions a customer has with your organization and the perception they have at each touchpoint. Touchpoints are everything from magazine ads to tech support, website to product usage. Good Customer Experience is intentional and planned. Companies must define what kind of experience they want to provide, and actively work to bring it to life. Customer Experience is the result of every touchpoint and […]

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everything speaks

“Everything Speaks”

Picture this: You need a new dishwasher, so you go to the nearest appliance store to buy one. When you get there, the sign is faded, the sidewalk is full of cracks with weeds poking through. Would you still walk into the store? You’re already there, might as well. Inside, the floor looks dingy. The lights are making a distracting buzzing noise, and there’s a funky smell pervading the showroom. A sales rep approaches you, chewing on a sandwich that’s dropping crumbs all over his wrinkled shirt. Even if this store carries the exact dishwasher you want, would you buy […]

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Spring Clean Your Personal Branding & Customer Experience

Ah, spring. When the weather finally warms up, the sun’s shining more than it’s not, and the days seem to have just a few more hours. Which makes it a perfect time to throw open all the windows and do some deep cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be at home though: your personal branding and customer experience should get a refresh as well! This is a great time to look at aspects of your brand that you don’t normally examine, and see how you can spruce them up. Having a personal brand will make networking less daunting and more […]

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