CX for digital transformation

Doing a Digital Transformation? Here’s why you need CX.

Digital transformation is on a lot of organizations’ minds. And as you undertake a digital transformation, you’ll benefit immensely from engaging the right customer experience designer. Here are some reasons why:

Digital transformation is business transformation

The term “digital transformation” means different things to different people. For some, it’s purely an IT exercise. For others, it’s marketing- or operations-driven.

True digital transformation is really a business transformation. Technology enables the changes and is vital to the process, but should not be the sole focus. The process needs to start with business thinking. And because transformation efforts almost certainly impact the customer experience, leaders need to consider their needs as well.

Always consider the people

Digital transformation is much more than a technology upgrade. It entails changes to business processes, system outputs, and interfaces. You may recognize these as “things that impact employees and customers”.

That means a winning transformation requires change management, training, and culture shifts. A customer experience designer is an expert at understanding how people are impacted by change, and can help you navigate the transformation successfully. Importantly, a CX designer will ensure your digital transformation doesn’t cause a huge upheaval in the customer experience.

Use your tools wisely

Technology of any kind is a tool, or a set of building materials. Think of it as a pile of lumber, some nails, and a hammer. You can use it to build many things, but what should you build? How should you build it?

Too often, companies implement technology for the sake of technology. They install shiny new software and then wonder why they’re not meeting KPIs, or why customers are complaining.

The answer is usually that they built a table, when customers really needed chairs. More to the point, the answer is often that they built an entire house, when customers just needed a new kitchen.

The right customer experience designer can identify what changes will benefit your customers, and what may actually harm their experience. 

So if you’ve decided to undertake a digital transformation, consider adding a customer experience designer to your team. One who understands how to deploy technology solutions in a way that benefits both employees and customers. They will make sure you’re making the right changes for the right reasons, and reach across silos for a successful rollout.

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