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  • Laura Stringer

Featured in NJ Tech Weekly: Untangling Features to Improve Customer Experience & Company Growth

I'm pleased to have been featured in NJ Tech Weekly, explaining how to get out of constant MVP mode and get a feature-tangled product back to something customers love.

Tech companies exist in a competitive, rapidly changing space. Any company with a software offering has to provide the features their customers want, the features their customers don’t yet know they need and the features that will help them “keep up with the Joneses” and thus stay in the game.

Over time, without careful planning, those features can pile up and get tangled to the point where they’re causing problems. Instead of making customers happy, they get in the way of usability, customer experience and company growth.

To develop software that enables growth, rather than hinders it, companies must address the underlying problems. Here are five steps to untangling features and setting a product up for continued success.

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