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  • Laura Stringer

Our product philosophy

Software products should be useful, and they should be high quality.

Usefulness speaks to whether we’re attempting to solve the right problem, and whether we’re actually successful in solving that problem.

Quality gets at whether the product works the way it’s meant to, responds smoothly and quickly, is an overall good experience for users, and whether it generally represents the brand well.

At Ninth Fourth, we value modern thinking and always staying current. We should never rest on our laurels, however deserved.

That doesn’t mean blindly jumping on every fad. It does mean being aware of what’s happening and what’s coming, and responding proactively to leverage the best approaches and technologies for us.

We also believe product is more than UX and engineering. It’s also operations, infrastructure, culture, measurement, security, privacy, content, support, pricing, process, and more. Everything has to be on point if the product is going to be good.

That means everyone on the team is important, and it means they have to work well together. In product management, collaboration and communication are non-negotiable.


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