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Don’t “just put it online”!

More and more corporate leaders are moving their business processes and customer touchpoints to digital. On the whole, that’s great: digital experiences are what customers expect, and after an initial investment, they tend to be more efficient and less costly than traditional processes. However, leaders need to consider the customer journey when moving things online. When moving processes, purchase events, or other customer touchpoints into a digital experience, there is a lot of opportunity to make improvements. That opportunity only exists with some diligent thinking. It’s story time I once worked with a company that had physical sales offices. Any […]

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The Hertz project sounds painfully familiar.

When I first heard about the Hertz/Accenture project that went horribly awry, it was pretty funny. Who on Earth thought that an eight-figure, 18-month behemoth project, on a complicated and persnickety CMS platform, would be a good idea? Of course it went sideways immediately and stayed that way. What could Hertz have even been expecting for $32 million – was the new website supposed to be made of diamonds? But this story also sounds painfully familiar. I was once tasked with a project in which company leadership brought in a different large technology services firm. We as a client were […]

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