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Don’t “just put it online”!

More and more corporate leaders are moving their business processes and customer touchpoints to digital. On the whole, that’s great: digital experiences are what customers expect, and after an initial investment, they tend to be more efficient and less costly than traditional processes. However, leaders need to consider the customer journey when moving things online. When moving processes, purchase events, or other customer touchpoints into a digital experience, there is a lot of opportunity to make improvements. That opportunity only exists with some diligent thinking. It’s story time I once worked with a company that had physical sales offices. Any […]

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CX for digital transformation

Doing a Digital Transformation? Here’s why you need CX.

Digital transformation is on a lot of organizations’ minds. And as you undertake a digital transformation, you’ll benefit immensely from engaging the right customer experience designer. Here are some reasons why: Digital transformation is business transformation The term “digital transformation” means different things to different people. For some, it’s purely an IT exercise. For others, it’s marketing- or operations-driven. True digital transformation is really a business transformation. Technology enables the changes and is vital to the process, but should not be the sole focus. The process needs to start with business thinking. And because transformation efforts almost certainly impact the […]

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