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Product Management Consulting Services

We offer a number of product management consulting services to help you the best way possible for your business, products, and customers.


Initiative Design & Leadership

When the lift is too big for your team alone, we’ll partner with you to structure and lead the initiatives that get things done.

While we’ll require active participation from the client’s team, we will provide as much of a turnkey, done-for-you engagement as possible, with regular executive check-ins along the way.


Initiatives include: Acquisition Integration, Portfolio & Suite Rationalization, Roadmap Stabilization, Others as needed

Product & Practice Audit

So you have product problems. More customer complaints, growing pains, delivery way behind schedule, too many acquisitions to integrate, unruly backlog? Let us dig in and figure out what’s going on.

We'll perform a structured discovery process, involving a set of interviews and asset reviews. You'll get a detailed report of findings, risks, and untapped opportunities, and recommendations to address them.

Facilitated Working Sessions

Want to do it yourself, but aren’t sure how? Let us facilitate your working session. We’ll do some pre-work, then arrive prepared to guide you and your team to turn confusion into clarity.


  • Product Strategy Development

  • Roadmapping

  • Backlog refinement

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Fractional Product Executive Support

Hiring a full-time product leader is a major commitment and expense. Sometimes it makes more sense to get interim help from a leader who can jump in with their sleeves already rolled up.

Laura Stringer is a 20-year product veteran with both operator and consulting experience and expertise in B2B SaaS. She will step in and mature your product function with an eye toward research & measurement, role alignment, process & standards, culture, and operational efficiency, while getting initiatives on track.

And when you’re ready, we will gladly help you find and onboard your "forever" product leader.

Product Leader Advising & Coaching Program

Product management is an art and a science, and new product leaders encounter roadblocks all the time.

We offer an advising program consisting of an initial assessment and regular video call check-ins.​

Executive leadership benefits from quarterly reports of the leader's progress against defined goals.


Need product management advice quickly?

Got a question or problem that needs a quick answer?


Book a 75-minute product management consulting call with our founder and principal consultant, Laura Stringer.


This is the perfect amount of time to explain your situation and get advice from an expert. Make sure you're on the right track, understand your options, figure out best next steps.

Book a product management consultation now >>

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