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  • Laura Stringer

What makes a website effective?

I was recently asked what makes for an effective website. Here’s my answer. What would you add?

Effective websites adhere to three key principles. A website needs to look good – meaning attractive, professional, and reflective of overall brand standards. It needs to work well: fast performance speed, mobile-friendliness, and no (or very few) errors are all ticket-to-entry in 2019.

Last but definitely not least, an effective website has great user experience. UX is a combination of looks, function, organization, and coordinating the site to accommodate what visitors are trying to achieve, so that the overall impression is positive and easy.

The most effective websites are woven into an organization’s overall customer experience. That is, the website is not a standalone property, but rather a set of components integrated with social, print, phone, and physical experiences.

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